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Tips For Teachers In Choosing Instructional Media

Learning model is the oldest learning model conducted in person by someone with specific knowledge to another person or group of people. Such learning model is still in progress and can be found up to now. For example: in the world of martial or even religious education in an environment where a teacher educating students directly to the participants face to face. In this case, a teacher can only makes learning student participants with the knowledge of how to communicate verbally first and then guiding the learners to practice. Or, a student teacher makes learning the participants directly in the form of practice. Theoretical knowledge in the form of explanations given during or after practice. In such a learning model, the teacher is the primary learning resource and the only one for the learners. The presence of teachers is very crucial to the continuity of the learning activities.

Along with technological development, the different models applied learning in the classroom are also experiencing growth. A teacher should still remain one learning resource, but no longer as the sole source of learning for student participants. Teachers using other learning resource called the media to educate participants. In this regard, there are several models of learning that can be applied.

One model of learning is the teacher acts as a primary learning resource, but there are still others that can be delegated the role of teachers in instructional media. This means, there is a division of roles between teachers and instructional media.

The extent to which the division of roles between teachers and instructional media in organizing learning activities in class is determined by the teacher. It is possible it happened that the role of instructional media is very small, namely only as a complement or even just as a "patch" in which new media are used when the need or unable to attend the teachers teaching in the classroom. In this regard, there are no plans regarding the utilization of instructional media.

On the other hand, it is very important medium of learning or playing a dominant role in the learning activities. While teachers have only acted as a facilitator in the learning activities. Another alternative is a balanced division of roles between teachers and instructional media. In such circumstances, the use of instructional media actually done in a planned manner.

Before deciding to utilize the media in the learning activities in the classroom, teachers should make the selection of instructional media which would be used to accompany him in makes learning participant students. Here are some tips or considerations that can be used by teachers in conducting the selection of instructional media that will be used.

1. Adjust type Media with Curriculum Materials

When will choose the type of media will be developed or held, hence the need to consider is which type of subject matter contained in the curriculum which was considered to be supported by instructional media. Then, the study of what types of media considered appropriate to present the subject matter desired. Because one of the general principles of the selection / use of media is that no one type of media suitable or appropriate to disclose all material.

For example, English lessons. To listen or listen to the language skills (listening skills), the media are more appropriately used is an audio cassette media. While for language proficiency writing or grammar, then a more appropriate use of media is print media. Meanwhile, to teach students about ways to use the Organs of speech for said words or sentences (pronunciation), then the media would be more appropriate video.

Another example for biology lessons. To teach how the process of blood circulation or food digestion in the human body, then the video media is considered more appropriate to serve it. By using animation techniques, the media can show videos or visualize the process that can not be seen with the eyes of the subject matter relating to the process. Through media visualizations presented a video, then students will more easily understand the subject matter of the process of blood circulation or food digestion in the human body. Similarly, in explaining the profile of a wild animal's life, then the video media is more appropriate media types for serving it.

2. Affordability of Financing

In the development or procurement of instructional media should also consider the availability of the existing budget. Then if the teacher must create your own instructional media, they should think about whether there among fellow teachers who have the knowledge and skills to develop the required learning media. If not there, it needs to be explored how much it cost to manufacture the medium if it should be contracted out to others. But before contracted out to others, one thing to consider is whether learning the required media is not available in the market. If available on the market, if not faster, easier and cheaper if bought directly rather than makes learning production?

Another option is if the media of learning still needs long-term, so it is still possible to send the training of teachers making the desired media. In this regard, consideration should be concerning the amount of funding needed to deliver teacher training for the desired development of instructional media. In addition, it should also consider whether teachers who will be sent to follow the training still has adequate time to develop the necessary instructional media school. Does utilization of facilities already available at school? If not, what is the cost of procurement of equipment in such minimum amount.

3. Hardware Availability for Use of Instructional Media

There is no point in designing and developing any sophisticated media if not supported by the availability of equipment utilized in class. What means are available online instructional media in schools is not available if the computer device and connect to the internet facility which is also supported by the Local Area Network (LAN).

Conversely, the selection of instructional media simple (such as: media audio tapes) to be designed and developed will be very useful for equipment utilization are available at schools or easily available in the community. In addition, the source of energy needed to operate the equipment using simple media is also quite easy just by using dry batteries. In terms of the expertise or the expertise / skills needed to develop a simple media such as audio cassettes or transparency media for example is not too difficult to get it. It is not too hard to learn the ways of designing and developing simple media.

4. Availability of Instructional Media in the Market

Since the promotion and demonstration of a fascinating / enchanting or promise, for example, the school immediately attracted to purchase instructional media offered. But before buying a media learning (programs), schools must first purchase the hardware for its utilization. After learning of media utilization of equipment purchased was among the teachers do not exist or do not know how to operate the equipment means the utilization of instructional media is to be held. In addition, the learning media (program) itself proved difficult to obtain in the market for must be booked in advance for a certain period.

Then, it can happen that a medium of learning that has been ordered and studied, very little content, teaching material relevant to the needs of the students (very shallow). Conversely, it can also happen that the material is packaged in a medium of learning is very suitable and help facilitate students' understanding of course materials. However, the problem is that instructional media are difficult to obtain in the market.

5. Ease of Using Instructional Media

Another aspect which is also equally important to consider in the development or procurement of instructional media is the ease of use of teachers or learners. Not be very useful if developed their own instructional media or contracted manufacturing was not easy to be used, either by teachers or by learners. Media who have developed or purchased will only serve as showpieces in school. Or, take adequate time to train a particular teacher, so skillful use of media to operate the equipment.

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